We only accept the top 5%

Our mission is to connect companies with the world’s best digital ad experts. Our team of industry veterans ensures only highly-skilled professionals with a strong work ethic enter our network. The screening process takes between 2-4 weeks.

Experience Review

We review each candidate’s domain knowledge and work experience. Every Dabmatch member is an expert in at least one platform and industry.

22% of applicants pass


Language & Personality

Next up is an English language and personality assessment. Successful candidates demonstrate strong communication skills and a passion for their work.

15% of applicants pass

Technical Skills

The third phase covers media strategy, planning, and buying. Our team assesses a range of topics, including research, optimization, and analytics.

8.5% of applicants pass


Test Project

Candidates then manage real-life campaigns to ensure they can walk the walk. We look for candidates to show professionalism and deliver strong results.

5.5% of applicants pass


Dabmatch experts perform at the highest level while working with clients. We routinely follow up with clients to ensure they are getting quality service.

5% of applicants pass

We Vet Experts Across all Digital Ad Platforms

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